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Holy shit, I hope I never trust another human being.
Everybody lies, apparently.
This doesn’t help any of my hard feelings.
I wish I never even knew.

It’s like each day, my heart breaks just a little more.

I would hope it would begin to fix itself after breaking so many times, but that’s nothing but a dream.

Each day I feel this excruciating pain, then it all goes away and all I feel is nothing.
Just this amazing numbness.

I wish my emotions can stay permanently numb.

It beats crying everyday.

-Lavin H.

Go left

What do you do when nothing in life seems to fall in place?

Everything has become stressful, you can’t go through an entire day without being stressed out, or crying your eyes out?

It’s not fair sometimes.

Like nothing seems to be fair anymore.

"Life isn’t fair" 

i feel like thats a load of crap, things can be fair but everyone and everything makes it so much more complicated. 

I used to see everything so vivdly, now everythings simply a blur.

Is this what depression is?

I hate it.

Is this what growing up feels like?

I hate it.

It’s not considered growing up, its considered bullshit.


Bullshit. That’s exactly what it is.

Life is filled with bullshit.

People do nothing but bullshit you.

You deal with nothing but legit bullshit.

Oh my goodness. 

I never really truly realized how fucked up people can be until just recently. 

I never realized how fucked up life is until just recently.

My heart hurts everyday, all I want to do is cry & cry & cry all day.

I hate it.

What do yo do when nothing is going right?

Go Left.

-Lavin H

Lavin & The Bean

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Chicago trip before school comes around

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